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She is the wind

She is the sky

She is the glimmer

Of hope in my eyes


She is the rain

She is a storm

She is a healer

When I'm battered and worn


She brings me home

She brings…

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Pray to Ya

Got your number carved into my skin

Tried to run but you won't let me win

Call my name and I will let you in

I can hear them saying it's a sin

But I like it

Yeah I like…

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One Thousand Cuts

I saw my own shadow

I looked out the window

I walked on a rainbow

I wailed like a widow


I'm free as a spider

I'm still as a boulder

A horse and its rider

A nun and a soldier

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Black Hole Love

I sat in the sun with you and it burned my shoulders

I watched as a cloud came through, made the world grow colder

In this rhinestone city, we all get a little older

And I would take it all…

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Looked into the past, saw what I could be

Popped open a pill, washed it down with morphine

And it wasn't my place, got lost in a daydream

So far away


Been down every road that led me to danger

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Why do I always wanna do the wrong thing 

Live in the desert where the jackals sing 

My head is open and I'm flying high tonight 

I see a vision of a lightening sky 

A technicolor sun and songbirds in…

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The Weight of My Heart

I wanna be a rockstar 
I wanna be a ghost 
I wanna start over 

I wanna be a shadow 
I wanna have the most 
I wanna be sober 

And I've been thinking about a revolution 
But I've been drinking gasoline…

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Devil On Your Back

I’ve been talking to the wall 

Took another curtain call 

I tried so hard, but we’re gonna go around again 

Yeah we’re gonna go around again 


Got me running like an outlaw 

Got me drinking till it’s all gone 


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